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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Fran aka Redondowriter

That is a gorgeous refectory and the stats are interesting, too. I know there has been a nuns longevity study that reports similar results.

So, how did the weekend go?


What a beautiful and serene place to take meals. Definately stress reducing I'd say.


lieselotte Fritsch

You know that women are by no means allowed on that wonderful Greek monch´s island - maybe that fact has contributed to the monks´good health ? But I think life on that mountain is so relaxing and quiet, how should anyone living there not be well ?


I'm the lurker who keeps dropping by to check on you. I really enjoy your entries.
I hope you are well and busy with that beautiful garden. Were you one of the lucky ones who had a snowy Easter? It was hot down here near the Gulf coast of Texas. Now, we have cool nights and mild days.
"Spring has sprung!"


Well isn't this something!

Andreas Georgiou

Yes correct , no stress , nothing problems , special diet with fresh food , no meat , but the best is the balance you can feel from the first second when you look the Holy place of God Mother - ATHOS . Your soul , and body fell the change and if u can stay few days you understand the changes .

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