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Friday, September 25, 2009



Interesting concept taking an on-line course. Now if it were the Anglo-Saxon cooking course, I might be tempted....


Hi Roz,
Sounds really really interesting. I don't think I ever knew what you were studying. I would love to participate in this course but pretty involved doing commercial study for my day job! I have been making enquiries about doing pastoral care diploma but knew it wouldn't be this year. Work has to come first sadly. Next year is looking good I hope! I am right at home in this type of work, so polarised to my accounting day job. Love the photo this week.That looks so beautiful. Is it a sculpture?


What part/chapter did you like best in this course? (please explain why)
I suppose you've visited a lot of cemeteries in your country and abroad as "field-work"... To you, which one was most impressive or surprising or interesting ... (and-again !?!- why)?
(Many questions, I know... You don't have to answer them all, of course... )

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, Roz, how I wish I had the time to do your course. You know how much it appeals to me. I have tucked this link away, however.

Was Lillian your mom?

Love to you.

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