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Monday, January 18, 2010


Margaret Lambert

I have a different anatomical man which had been my grandfather's when he was in medical school in the first years of the 20th century: "Dr Minder's Anatomical Manikin of the Human Body." Again, it is all chromolithographed, is a bit like a paper doll, and has multiple images showing skeleton, musculature, veins and arteries, then organs with several little individual, removable pieces- heart, lungs, stomach and so on. Unlike yours, the poor man has no external genitalia whatever. For reasons unknown my grandfather never finished his training, but I'm happy the Manikin was saved.


I love anatomical drawings. Back in my nursing school days I had a text book where various drawings were done on transparencies and when overlapped they where to provide an image of how all the parts fit together.

I think I've just revealed how long ago its been since I attended school, LOL!


Tom Richardson

Thank you for the link to my site where the e-book is for sale. I have recently revised the book and improved the scans. It will soon be available for sale on Amazon.com check the site for details:

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