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Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Well said, Roz. :)

Margaret Lambert

Thank you, Roz. The natural world, even in evocative images, is healing medicine for people in pain.

Anne Cloward

Thank you for your thoughts and your response. I am sure this is a complex issue which is composed of so many elements. But one remedy that can help everyone is the reminder of beauty and peace and the need for it in our lives.

Caterina B

I just read an article on the Telegraph website by Allison Pearson entitled "Raised to Rampage, where are the parents?" How sad for Britain! Those poor/awful kids probably have never had a single thought about nature. I do agree with you, if only they could be introduced to the beauty most of us know and cherish it might make a difference for them.
But....would it be more interesting than video games and texting? I don't know.
As I often say, "I despair!"


Roz, I've been thinking of you and your family as the news here fills with the destruction in England.

The lovely photos are what I will concentrate on now.



I too agree with you, Roz!

Your first photo is especially beautiful.

Thank you for this lovely and thought provoking post!

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