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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Margaret Lambert

Stan seems very well suited to your climate. He's as much a multi-tasker as a mother!


There has to be SOME home interior magazine where this would ideally fit! It looks so homey, comfortable, snug. What fuels this "little red rooster"? We have a rather unglamorous woodstove, but it has some of the same nicities about it - I can raise bread on the hearth next to it, set a small rack up to dry unmentionables on wash day, even cook on it if the power is out. I think your kitchen is one of the most lovely places I've ever been. And as to fixing Stanley...I'd be sure that happens in the spring so that you'd have him back before next winter. Love this post!!

Mad Englishwoman and Dog

What a coincidence - have been trying to find out about Stanleys for some writing I'm doing. As the last comment asks, what does he run on? Can he run on wood?
I presume he does the ironing too, like our Aga!

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