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Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Margaret Lambert

I always enjoy a little tour of the antiques shops with you. I spotted several sweet little taper sticks in the top photo. They are more rare than larger candlesticks. Old brass is something I am able to buy very cheaply, as few know the difference between old and new pieces. I'm sure you had a nice lunch, or tea, as well. I really need to get out and about,especially now it's warming.


I have been impatient to get out and about to a few antique shops but our weekend weather too often has brought snowy and icy roads.Thanks so much for the tour!!Count me in as another enchanted by blue and white decor. I have collected Blue willow dinnerware for years. My Aunt gave me her set and I have added to it over the years.Those blue goblets would have wanted to come home with me.Thanks Roz! Those little pitchers on the shelf call to me too!


Lovely tour. That collection of blue and white really called out to me. A match made in heaven!

Maria Moutsiou

I love antiques. I can spent days sauntering around such shops. In Thessaloniki (North Greece) where I was raised and lived for about 30 yrs, there was a whole area in the centre of the city (Mpit Pazar area) dedicated to all things rare and antique. I have enjoyed there so many hours of searching and finding and sharing the happiness of the new journey for a unigue design piece or craft.
The blue cobalt pieces fascinates me.

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