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Monday, February 21, 2005



I love your blog Roz. You have such great talent in blending writing and pictures together, and my love affair with the English countryside is not getting smaller being able to share part of your life.
The Cocteau collage is great, I am looking forward to the next one, of George Sand.


Your collage is wonderful!
It could be a professionnal theatre poster announcing a play or a film of Cocteau's - or an official poster announcing an art exhibition about Cocteau and his works...
I love your work there.

Kim Millen

Oh Roz, What a wonderful surprise and diversion to accidentally click my soul collage posting (as I need to be in my studio!!!!) and on a whim come to your blog in a moments notice. I do not spend time doing this but your blog may change that as I was enchanted by your art section... your photos (did you take them???) and words were just what I needed to start my morning. Too bad we live so far away... I am an artist in Portland Oregon... can I have your blog mailed to me? I really don't know much about this as I feel when I'm online I should be working... or reworking my website... but i would love to hear more from you and I thought your collage was masterful... I am a painter but recently did a piece which was quite time consuming involving transfers of photos and letters. This is how I ended up on the collage list... anyway, if you like I can send you some of my work. I better get... I have several pieces that i need to start... and several to finish... Sincerely, Kim Millen

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