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Tuesday, May 03, 2005



Thanks for suggesting the early morning walk with you, Roz. Loved it. I believe the fallen tree may be a cedar as they are very shallow rooted. They like water, though. We have many on the front of our property - dreadful to keep all those little cedar cones clear of the gutters, but elegant to look at and beautiful when snowcovered. I also loved the little star moss. I have seen this before, but never knew it had a name other than "moss". We are heading into a rainy day today here. Getting a lot done in the house and when the sun does finally shine, will be able to get out and garden. Had dinner on the deck table last night - after Mac and Grampa had mowed the back lawn. She thought that was "cool" and it earned her a Blizzard from Dairy Queen on the way back to her house.


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your walk.


Roz, what a beautiful walk. The road is so so inviting, it makes my heart yearn for it. Yes, lucky Roz, to be taking this road into town and living in this magic area.


At first I thought it was Burnham beeches, the woode closest to my old UK home, and how I miss the smell of those woods, especially in the autumn. How lovely these woods are too! what great photos Roz.


Wonderful and amazing places and pictures!

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