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Tuesday, June 14, 2005



Sounds like a wonderful trip, Roz--just what the doc ordered, so to speak. I used to be a fearful flier myself, but at about age 35, on my way home from a funeral in San Francisco, I did a freewrite where a really negative experience had happened at home while I was in Vegas with friends at age 18. My dad met me at the Burbank Airport and told me my mom had had a heart attack while I was gone--and it was my fault because she was so worried about me being in Vegas--and flying home. It was such a hoot until dad met me; I worked at Lockheed, was a sweet young thing, and the pilots said I could come up and sit with them and they would show me how everything worked. Yeah, right--like now they get nailed into the cockpit and carry guns. Things have changed a lot from 1955.

Your photos are great, trip report great, and I look forward to part II of Lisbon.


Love the flower pictures! The Bird of Paradise is the Los Angeles official flower, even though it's a native of somewhere else, South Africa???? We have hibiscus in our gardens here at home. The hummingbirds love them and we love seeing the hummingbirds. Looking forward to part II!


Roz, you look great!

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