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Saturday, July 23, 2005



Roz, Lissy and Sintra are absolutely precious--and they have my favorite markings on a kitty. Welcome to Autumn Cottage, little ones, and may you live very long, healthy and happy lives. And Momma, Roz, congrats to you, too.

Mary O

Congratulations on the new arrivals.




Hi Lissy and Sintra! So pleased to hear you have a new home with such lovely people. We always feel that humans that love furbabies are the absolute best! We also think that Spot will be looking on quite pleased that you are taking care of Roz and her family. It was the same situation here. Cleo and I arrived 8 years ago, five years after Diddy who was 19 passed away. It does our heart good to keep our humans on their toes. If you need any tips - let us know!
Cleokatje and Alley Cat


Awwwww, they are the cutest and most precious furbabies!


Lissy and Sintra are gorgeous!


Welcome, Lissy and Sintra. What adorable kitties and how lucky to have found such a good home. And such gorgeous photographs, Roz. I have had a feast this evening looking at the gorgeous pictures of the Portugal trip and the Chihuly glass exhibit.


Oh Roz. They are lovely. And will give you so much pleasure :-)


I stopped by to visit the girls. The are
absolutely adorable. I look forward to watching them grow up and hearing about all their antics.



So there you are - I wondered why your diaries had been so quiet. You went and snuck off!

Roz - how do I get an RSS feed from Typepad?

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