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Tuesday, August 16, 2005



What a sweet picture of Lissy Roz. I know you are just having so much fun with these two new babies. My cats love to play with empty toilet paper or paper towel rollers. They will roll it, chase it, toss it and guard it from another who wants to join the fun :-)


I'll never get tired of cute kitty pictures and this picture of Lissy is ADORABLE! My cats like to chase ping pong balls across a non-carpeted floor.


Indulge yourself, Roz - pen a bottle or two of wine and give the kits the corks to play with. The new fangled plastic ones are safest for little kitties.

Toilet roll inners are good, as noted above. Cardboard boxes are de-rigeur, of course - especially long thin ones with both ends opened to make a tunnel. Treacle *adores* bubble wrap, but I keep telling him it isn't safe.

Mostly, my two just steal things from my desk. They really like ball point pens. I have to keep rescuing them from harm. Cats? Pens? maybe both!

(Colin Blackburn has just got two kittens. He has photos at his Flickr page.)


So adorable. I sure enjoy reading your stuff and seeing the babies. On vacation with limited Internet access.


Lovely and very cute!

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