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Tuesday, September 27, 2005



I couldn't open a couple of the pictures, but those that I could were gorgeous. This time of year there's a feeling of preparation and at the same time sort of a putting summer to bed feeling, too. This walk you shared was like that - I feel like summer has been properly tucked in. Thanks for sharing.


Your world looks so green. Do you get much color when the leaves change in the Autumn?


You say "I asked this same question - how do we support ourselves, how do we feed our Souls when we are extended to our own limits in supporting others, on a list that I run - and virtually everyone said that, in some way, they turn to the natural world to find peace."

I turn to nature, too, often photographing it the way you do. And even when we live in the city, there is so much beauty in the ordinary, the mundane. Your photos are beautiful!


Hello Roz,
Now I have a Blog. The name is Leaves of Grass and the link is: http://leavesgrass.blogspot.com/
I would like if you make me a visit!
May I make a link with your Blog?
Regards, Sonia.


Lovely Roz. I would love to sing this nature song with you :-)


Thank you, Roz!

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