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Tuesday, September 20, 2005



Your time travels and mine would be similar. Our great-auntie was in the Orient and India from 1917-1924. She didn't dine with Maharajahs, but her journals are fascinating to me. They tell of having a home built in Bangalore which they named Fernan (after the town/part of Idaho where they came from). She told of the New Year's celebrations, the struggles when they went on visits in their open car with their two "boys" (servants). Her husband was the Eastern Manager for Singer Sewing Machine Company. I would love to have been at a temple in India with her - rather than being there with friends years and years afterwards and having to settle for pictures in my album of her there and me there, too. But i have lovely memories and hope to be an old, old lady one of these days and will definitely share my stories with my great-grandsons just as yours did with hers.


Wow, Roz. I'd be honored to travel with you, especially if I can wear an evening gown in the jungle. It is fascinating to me how a simple prompt can stir creativity. Great pictures, too.

M Harbert

I have added the contents of "The Art of Bookbinding 1897" to my website if you would like put it in your bookbinding links.



Sometimes i'm thinking about the time travel.
I'll verry happy if i'll can to travel in time, i'll have enough time ever :)
We talked about the time travel with my girlfrend, we founded a way to know the answer of the question: we will can travel in time sometime in the future in our life?
If in the future i can to travel in time i'll come back at the moment of the talking (2002 July 10 22.00)
nothing happened, nobody knocked the door at this time :)
greetings from Budapest

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