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Sunday, October 23, 2005



I agree with your view that the decluttering shows sometimes go too far. It's one thing to discard excess paper or disposable plastic containers--it's another matter entirely to discard something that you cherish because it was given to you by someone you love or because you value how you received it. When the participants are forced to give up something that can never be replaced, I'm sure they will have major regrets. I know that I would. Yes, I'm a packrat and clutterbug, and I believe that people should be allowed to keep the items that are valuable to them. I wonder sometimes about the people who participate in these shows--what were they expecting would happen? All I know is that when I faced my mountain of clutter and wished for help, my daughter said, "Mom, you're not ready for Clean Sweep!" And she's right! Better to baby step my way to clutterfree living and find a way to honor the possessions that hold valuable memories! By the way, I enjoy reading your posts; I've just been lurking in the background!


I read this at CJ and then didn't comment, but I'm a collector myself who is always feeling guilty about it. Right now, with interior construction of another bathroom going on, all my chachtkes are covered in dust. I do have 3 big boxes of stuff for the Salvation Army, however. I guess I've never seen a decluttering show on TV, but I don't watch much TV. My former housemate is a clinical psychologist who specializes in OCD--and often goes right to the client's homes to help declutter. As for getting rid of stuff when someone dies, I think the person involved has to decide when the time is right. My friend Barbara left her dead husband's clothing in the closet and on the chair where he left it until she began seriously dating someone a year later.


Roz, I agree with you. Why on earth shall we always try to get rid of things. I could never live in a minimalist home. I am surrounded by memories, memories from 25 years with my beloved husband, memories from raising 4 kids, from my past, from our travels, from my friends and so on and so on.


Thank you for saying this. In this second half of my life, I'm learning to rid myself of those things unnecessary and unimportant, always things I no longer need, or meaningless trinkets. NEVER photographs or old letters or the life. That is something with which I take issue as well. I've read in some of the books that hanging on doesn't allow you to move forward. That stuff is the stuff of history, and just as in the Big Events of history, we can only learn from it if we study it.

So thank you for expressing this so well.
Simplicity is to be sought--simplemindedness is not!

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