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Saturday, November 12, 2005



Oh, I want a dollhouse so badly and because I'm putting it out there to the Universe, I know the right one will come along. I really like this blue one.


Love this beautiful miniature!!

Katie Marshall

I'm literally welling up as I write this.
That pedigree england doll, well I don't know if you know this but she has a little speaker on her back, if it still works she will cry as you tip her upside down.
I don't know the rarity of the doll, but I know my mother had one just like it, she named her Barbera, and she passed it down to me- i was tidying the loft out and desided to researched this little doll, after asking my father if he remembered any toy brands from his childhood ennding with "gree" (the only part of the bran's signature I could make out) and he informed me of a previously well known brand called pedigree, I instantly done a google search and found a picture of your doll on google images and that was it, i was compelled to tell you my story, my doll is well used and I'm ashamed to admit that as a child, for all I loved her immensley and took her everywhere with me, I did not preserve her greatness, a decision I regret. My sister actually poked her eyes into her head out of jealousy when she was told she had to pass her on to myself! I also applyed a little makeup to her face. It's so lovely to see the doll as I vaugley remember in my early childhood- I wonder if I could take her to a doll hospital to get her restored?
Ah well, reguardless of her current physical state, this doll will always hold a great sentimental value to my heart!

L Hendry

I got a Pedigree doll from a dustbin I was passing the other week. He is quite like yours. I only say 'he' because I seem to remember from my childhood the ones with less hair than yours were dressed as boys? I can find lots of Pedigree dolls on the internet but mostly composition or Sindy. Yours is the only 'plastic' baby I've found so far.
Says 'PEDIGREE' on back of the neck plus written in their trade mark way 'Pedigree made in England' on back. Eyelashes missing on mine - presumed cut off, definate nipples on chest, lazy eye and fingers very yellowed. But I'm so glad I rescued the Pedigree baby. I'm also not sure how to clean indenyations of hair and rust mark on one eye.

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