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Tuesday, December 27, 2005



How very exciting, Roz! To think some of these photos might otherwise have been lost. I thought how fortunate you were to come on those boxes of Victorian slides when you were poking around in your thrift store adventures - otherwise they might have been thrown out and precious treasures like those above would have been lost. How funny to see you "in your youth" - we all have those pictures, don't we? I look at my graduation picture (cherub face, DA haircut, smattering of freckles) and wonder where did that innocent, sweet thing go. I suppose she's still in there, but buried pretty deep. Hahahaha Thanks for sharing. I love the old fashioned clothes in the Victorian pictures. I have a picture of my mother's paternal family - all dressed in black with my maternal grandmother in the front row in a dark skirt and white blouse. My Dad said it looked as if an angel had wandered into a coven of witches. They were quite stern back in those days - no smiling for the cameras (my grandmother had a slight smile though). Thanks for posting these, Roz, I enjoyed them.

loretta Marvel

Roz, you were just adorable at 21! How amazing for you to bring these old slides to life. They are so interesting. I can imagine writing a story about each one. Love the clothes!

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