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Tuesday, December 13, 2005



I'm suprised and dismayed that more people arent making noises about guantanamo bay.

the place completely and utterly disregards justice and human rights. We have one of our 'own ' aussies in there and he has to become a british subject in order to be heard and possibly see some justice. Our gov seems to have abandoned him. sad...so sad.


Americans are not in agreement about many of these things. We are pretty well divided, but those of us, who didn't favor the Bush people or what they are doing, lost that election. Some would say fraud was involved in that loss but never the less, we are as stuck with this as you are. It's hard sometimes to believe what this current administration is trying to justify these days. I have to wonder have we all lost our minds? :(

As for the williams' execution. Some of the reason these things take so long is the appeals that the system offers. I was not in agreement with executing him but do favor the death penalty but only when there is no doubt about the guilt and the act was heinous. In this case, there were some things about that trial (witnesses who were criminals themselves and given benefits for testifying) that made me sad that clemency was not granted. When you err and someone was already executed, it's too late to fix it. He never admitted he committed those crimes and hence never said he was sorry for them which would have saved his life-- maybe. He did say he was sorry for his gang activity in his earlier years.

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