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Thursday, December 08, 2005



Mornin' Roz,
This is a lovely piece of remembrance, letting your thoughts roll off your pen of that former time. I think you would enjoy being "living history". My sister and I were invited to speak to her granddaughter's Girl Scout group about scouting "in our day". It was delightful as they were genuinely interested in the differences AND the similarities of our time and their time. Your writing is so heartfelt and takes me away with you on your tour of your past. Thanks for sharing.



I so enjoy reading trips down "Memory Lane" and yours was particularly evocative and enjoyable. These trips back into time past can produce such a flurry of conflicting and indecipherable emotion, can't they? What a blessing, however, to be given the opportunity for such reflection and observation. Few people get - or take - such chances. Despite the "soul grinding poverty" you cite (and which I don't doubt), nevertheless the people and the place have given us one of the great souls of our time, because you were the magnificent product. For that, we can ALL be thankful. It's a moving testament to those who influenced who you became that you can write so movingly and eloquently about it all.

Paula Hagar

Oh Roz, this is one of the sweetest pieces of writing I've ever read by you - or by anyone, frankly. What a rare and wondrous opportunity you've had to revisit this school. My elementary school became a fundamentalist church 20 years ago, so I could never have such an experience. But seeing it and reliving it through you is the next best thing. Thanks soooooo much for sharing this!


Roz, this was lovely. I so enjoyed reading it. So bittersweet to be able to back to visit the old homeplaces. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Wasn't going to read blogs tonight (I'm pooped from working on the silent auction for a church event this weekend), but when Paula suggested we read you, I was so glad I did. What a wonderful trip in words and photos down your childhood lanes. I hope you show your sons this blog entry. And I'm glad that you have escaped the poverty. I am like you--grew up really poor, but never went without food or shelter, so compared to what we know as poverty today, it was just a simple country-type life right here in L.A. county. At least the weather was always pleasant--mostly, which yours probably wasn't. Little Roz, you are as cute as a kid as you are beautiful as a woman today.


Roz, I really enjoyed your trip down memory lane as I took one myself last night. I will email you privately about it.

Bitter sweet those memories...I am trying to cope with mine as best as I can so I know what you are going through.


Hi Roz - I have read with great delight your wonderful account of your visit to our school. I know it was a very emotional visit for you and I very much felt for you as you had to leave to go home as I know I will feel the same if some day I leave my job in the school. I have printed your memories and am going to circulate it to the other staff. Look forward to seeing you soon. Alison X


Your school looks so similar to the first elementary school I attended, which was Rockinghorse Elementary in Rockville Maryland. How very odd.


Have just read about your visit to our old school Brynglas Primary and it brought back memories of nature walks in Brynglas woods and visits to Malpas Church in Wales school at Pillmawr for dancing! Also of walking to Caerleon, for some Roman research! I started at Brynglas Primary school when it was brand new! Thank you for the memories I am enjoying your website. My maiden name was Harvey.

kaylene cawkwell

Hi i use to go to beyn glas i loved it their that was my thirst school since reseption to year 5 i had to moove just befor year five i loved it their
im only 10 but i still love it please reply thank you.

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