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Friday, January 20, 2006



Your gal's day looks like a great time and your finished product is so sweet. I can't imagine working in that tiny dimension, I'm all thumbs when it comes to things like that. I use tweezers to hold tiny things when I'm making Christmas ornaments. As to the kitty, what a hoot! They are such entertainment - though if they knew we were entertained, they would quit that instant! I found one of ours tucked in the blankets on my bed yesterday - I'd stripped it and tossed the blankets in a heap. When I couldn't find her, I went looking. A sweet little face peeked out at me as I turned the light on in the room.


Roz, your tiny creations are wonderful. I have another recipe to send to you for these using bread and glue and paint and cornstarch. It hardens and last forever and is so easy to work with no baking required either. Glad you had a nice day with your friends, one for lunch, one for playtime :-)
Lizzy is a hoot! Love her pic, and Yes they can do the darnest sweetest things. We couldn;t findhannah yesterday and looked all over for her. Shes an old old cat and I always worry as they say they off go off to...well you know. We searched high and low in house calling her. When K came home she found her in a very large colorful shopping bag she had sitting in her room sitting Upright and it was empty and down inside of it was Hannah. Now i had been in there, called her and even looked under the bed for her.

Debara Torbenson

Roz, I love the small doll house accessories. Your cat is too much! It is amazing what they can get into.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Your kitty is beyond precious and so is your itty bitty food. I love dollhouses, too, though I don't have one. The local newspaper has a Victorian for sale for--$29,000. Can you even imagine? Loved seeing your garden, too.


Oh Fimo food! I haven't touched my doll house stuff in so long, other than to move it.
My cat chews on it. It had to be put away until such time as my cat is no more.

I can wait.

You ladies do look like a fun time!

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