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Wednesday, January 04, 2006



It looks as though we had a slightly better day than you did, at least as far as the weather was concerned - though probably just as cold. It was minus 4 when I set off to liberate my houseguest this morning, but the frost was beautiful with the sun just rising from a clear sky.

It *is* good to walk at this time of the year, isn't it? Unfortunately, I had things to do indoors today, or I should have wandered much further afield.

Happy New Year to you, Roz.

(sadly, Typepad will not permit me to give you the link to the images of my lovely morning! - in today's Skylight Diaries)


Gorgeous photos!

loretta Marvel

These are marvelous photos, Roz. Very atmospheric and gives me a real sense of being out there with you.


The photos are wonderfully surreal, peaceful and yes, a bit vintage-like. I've done a bit of this at times in Photoshop, and the results are always interesting. I can't tell you how badly I want to come see you and walk along this lane!


Beautiful photo's Roz. I know nothing about Photoshop but you had to have the good "bones" of your original photo's there to work with I'm sure.

I'll grab my scarf and ear warmers and be with you in a minute!



Great pictures, Roz. What a lovely road you have to walk on.


A peaceful stroll through your woods with you Roz.


After our rains, it is 80 degrees today--and still warm tonight. I enjoy looking at your gorgeous photos--manipulated or not. They do create a mood, I agree. But, dear one, since the rain and cold let up and the warmth has temporarily returned, the arthritis in my hands is ever-so-much-more tolerable. Don't think I could live very long where it's cold. Karma plunked me down in So Cal and I'm so glad I'm here. Do I want to visit other places, including Autumn Cottage one day. You bet your sweet ass.

Happy new year, Roz.

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