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Saturday, January 07, 2006



I took down my holiday ornaments yesterday as well. It had nothing to do with Epiphany, I just like to get the tree down the first weekend after the New Year. I have to pack stuff, so Jack and I can lift it into the top of the garage.


We no longer decorate the house for Christmas, so I had nothingt otake down and pack away this year.

When the children were young, I was aware of how flat the period after Christmas Day could seem. I took to decorating the tree mainly with small presents, instea od baubles. Both Vicky and Dan, and their Dad, would have 12 tiny parcels, wrapped, tied and labelled, hanging on the tree. They were each allowed to pick one off the tree on each of the 12 days of Christmas.

The gifts were mainly low-value, and I would have a fantastic time throughout the year - snapping up fancy erasers, or pocket toys, or similar and stashing them away to trim the tree with.

The tree looked pretty bare by the 6th January, but this somehow made it less of a wrench to part with it than if it had still been fully be-decked.


I put my christmas stuff into boxes that are the same - they are great as they dont let any dust in to perish the beautiful decorations.
The heat made us put the decos away, it relly was just in time, as next day it went up to 40c and the task would have been made almost difficult to do when so hot.


Britt-Arnhild, through the sharing of her Advent with us, has enriched all of our lives. I, too, have felt that our Christmas festivities have taken a different focus - away from the usual shopping and scurrying to the quiet pleasure of anticipation of non-worldly things. Your new ornaments are adorable.

Mary O

careful little kitty you do not want to be stored away until next Christmas


I have been a fan of Autumn Cottage for quite a while now. I've enjoyed your walks, your travels, the privilege of seeing inside your lovely cottage and of course, most recent of all, your Christmas.
Roz, I experienced great empathy when I read about your Christmas decorations and how you price and date them, for this is something I do too.
I have diaries going way back to my childhood, even then I had this fascination of including how much things cost, which now, (too many years on that I care to mention), provides facinating reading. Thank you for you for your Autumn Cottage Diaries, a delightful read.

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