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Monday, January 16, 2006



Roz, I loved seeing what is living in the gardens at Autumn Cottage this time of year. You;ve enticed me to take my camera to my garden. UMM lizzy..me think if ike my cats she will choose a favortie spot in your garden and take to it when you are out there with the shovel and sapde in hand...but she'll enjoy looking at you and may sometimes criticise your work..without intend to help out :-) She looks like she is anticipated that climb down..."can I do it?" I enjoy my cats in my garden with me and Hannah has her spot under the rosemary, same spot every spring summer and fall. She lays there so often the soil is worn to the shape of her body. I can't dare plant anyhting under that big old rosemary bush or she digs it out, as if to say, "PISH PISH, what is this! I don't think so." If it warms up a bit here this afternoon I'm going to walk out there and have a look and see with my camera.


I'm getting itchy for spring as well and I don't even garden. Even the small incrememt of extra daylight every day cheers me immensely.

Loved the photo of your helper



I LOVE the words.


Your photos are beautiful! Thanks

flower Philippine

Stunning photos you have here.


ffxiv gil

Your photos are beautiful! Thanks

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