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Wednesday, February 08, 2006



I posted a comment earlier, but it seems to have disappeared into nowhere. I love your 84 Charing Cross Road post Roz. from another book lover :-)


Call from a fellow booklover :-) What a great blog Roz. I haven't written a "booktalk from Norway" in a long time, but you inspired me to write one tonight.


Really appreciate the Marks & Co. post and pictures.

Thanks for sharing.


Roz, I remember the book and the movie. I like to walk into a book store, big or small, and just stand there to listen to the books. I always feel like I am getting a big hug or a cheery hello from them. Almost like something out of Harry Potter or Mary Poppins.



A great post Roz. I love bookstores too. We had an old one here that closed a few years back. The building is gone now and I'm always sad when I go by there.

Now as for eliminating books (or anything else). The ONLY way I can do that is to do it a little at a time. And do it regularly.

daphne sayed

Roz what a wonderful blog. Every year I read 84.It's wonderful. I love the smell of old bookshops and I've noticed that when I enter my house a smell of books greets one.Like you I sort pathetically. Then those I'm not reselling I take to Oxfam and most times buy something there so come home with more books.Hopeless.

Steve Maggs

You may care to visit 84 Charing Cross Road - Revisited at http://www.84charingcrossroad.co.uk

The site attempts to chronicle the history of Marks & Co and was launched in March 2003.

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