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Friday, March 10, 2006



I was in Spain last summer and this looks so familiar. I used to be a demon miniaturist but have set those things aside for the time being. In what scale do you prefer to work?

And please tell me this lovely little cottage took you a decent amount of time to finish!


Fantastic! I'm amazed at your skills. I looks ready to move into. Save me a seat at the white table. I'll pick up a bottle of red wine and join you there.



Wow, those were amazing. I got very interested in miniatures some years back. Daydreamed in the stores at the tiny pieces. It was fascinating to me but I saw what a demanding interest it would be and never went farther than appreciating other people's creations. Thanks so much for sharing yours-- very inspiring and seemed real.


Wonderful miniatures they have the feel of Lisbon

the photographs are outstanding

Britt Arnhild Lindland

Great. Lovely. You are an artist. I love the hut and the interior.


What an amazing! You are a great artist, indeed! Beautiful! Gorgeous!


Delightful Roz. Rooms are ready for visitors and I'm on my way.


I can feel the southern heat just looking at it. What a wonderful little world you have created. What kinds of mini's are you interested in???


Had to re-visit this post again. I am working on a dollhouse bathroom and want to do a mosaic or tiles or something on the floor. I like your idea of using photos - very effective. I also like your painted tub. I have been debating about getting the boda henning stove like you have, it really is a beauty! Have you seen the copper hood that goes with it!

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