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Thursday, April 06, 2006



Just the words of encouragement I need for the day... How often we seem to need a Survival Plan... I am printing this out as a reminder
Thank you


Thought provoking post Roz.

My mainstay for survival is to try to live in the moment. It is trite but true. "Now" is what I have. I miss a lot when I dwell in the past or the future. Trying to stay with the now isn't always easy.



Such beautiful words for these crazy days... I always try to compliment at least 2 people a day, and sit quietly for a few moments and look into space.


Thank you for sharing the wisdom born of a dark season, Roz. Much here to take home and ponder.



PS: I would look others in the eye, cast your light upon their soul, allow them a glimpse of yours.


I am struggling with so many of the issues as you are, Roz. Your list makes me hopeful and a believe a little more in the progress toward Spring.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I really needed to read this tonight, Roz--not because I'm feeling down, but because what you say are things I forget. As for your question, I've got to ponder that one.


I too printed this out, to read and ponder. Thank you for the easter card too roz...it is so lovely and typical of spring in England! lovely!

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