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Saturday, May 06, 2006



LOL!! That is quite a picture there at the end Roz! Thanks for sharing it. :)

All of the pictures are gorgeous!! I've never been to Lisbon but would love to go.


Welcome back!
These photos make my feet itch :)
What a lovely time you had - thanks for the suggestions and comments - now I hope I get to make use of them :)

Mary O

Welcome Home. I hope you feel refreshed and rested after your holiday


at least we now know what the residents of this house wear for undies!! lol..what a great photo Roz!!


I loved the pictures, Roz, and had quite a laugh at the last one. Isn't there a white cotton and black lace panties in every one of us? Hahaha

Fran aka Redondowriter

These are wonderful photos, Roz, and like the others say, I anxiously await the unfolding of your travel journal and more photos. I've always wanted to stay in an apt. vs. hotel -- or do a house swap. When Anthony leaves, I'll definitely do the latter. Deb T. has done that successfully and so have some of my friends here.


Great photos Roz. Loved the panties one LOL. Anxious to hear more and see more of your pics as you look back at your holiday in Lisbon and post more here.

Britt Arnhild Lindland

Welcome back Roz. I have loved to "follow" you through your vacation.


So glad you made it home safely Roz! And what a wonderful peek you have given us - just enough to tempt us! Can't wait to see more.. That view - dreamy, and I love folk costumes!!!


Bom dia! What fun to find your posting here... and with such kind comments! May I put a link from our guestbook to your blog? I love your description of the essence of Lisbon. (Ok, ok, I love the undies, too. :) Um abra├žo, Deb Kleber, www.VisitingPortugal.com

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