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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Britt Arnhild Lindland

Fantastic to have you back in the blog world Roz. And now I want garden house and pond photos - please :-)


So glad to have you back with us Roz. Always miss you when you are down.


Roz, I feel like I walked the property at Autumn Cottage with you. Thank you, a nice relaxing end to my day. I have a pic of Otis in my empty window box before planting it, will send it to you privately friend. Lizzie looks adorable and tired Ah yes they work hard keeping up with the gardener. Glad you are feeling better.


Oh goodness Lizzie shows her best there in the flowerbox! What lovely flowering trees... Such beauty in your part of the world!


Welcome back, Roz!

Nice blossomming trees!
Our own apple tree was all blossom 2 weeks ago. I like even years when it is entirely pinkish! the look and the smell are awakened...


Beautiful flowers, Roz. Glad you are feeling better so you can enjoy your beautiful trees and flowers!


Oh my goodness, I LOVE the pictures - it all looks so serene and lovely and I just want to sit over a cup with you and natter away all afternoon!


I'm glad I was sitting down when I was reading your post, because your garden took my breath away ~ glorious.
I'm glad you're feeling better and as for Lissie, she sure has it all worked out :)


Hi Roz. Sorry you've been feeling bad, but happy to hear that things have improved.

What beautiful trees!!! Thank you so much for sharing those pictures. And that rhododendrum!!! Just gorgeous!! They can be tricky here.


The nice thing about colds is they DO eventually leave! Auutumn Cottage is so beautiful - I yearn to be there sipping tea with you at the garden house (providing you've scared the you-know-whats away first). Our neighbor has the same yellow tree and now I know its name. They also have a chain link fence (ugh) which is covered the entire 60' of it with one or two clematis which are white with a pink blush and absolutely loaded with blossoms this year. Like another commentor said, "Takes your breath away" indeed. Thanks for sharing and hope you're feeling better now.

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