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Sunday, August 27, 2006



What a terrific find for your garden Roz. Yes indeed, she does look just like "our" angel... right down to the hat.


Fran aka Redondowriter

Love your angel--and love that she was a bargain too. The kitty on the keyboard is a classic.

I loved Ardi so much; I wished we lived closer. I'd love to hang out with her regularly.


I could just rub her behind her ears and get her purring. Groucho doesn't hang around the computer much - but will move Kevin out of the chair. ha


Awe shucks my dear friend... how sweet your angel is and how sweet you are to think of me of one and to link to my blog. THANK YOU! I just posted some pics of hibiscus and other things at work (or should I say at play each day) to my blog if you get a chance take a peak. Love the pic of Lizzie cutting you off the computer...Otis walks across my leyboard when he wants to go to bed. He thinks he has to tuck me in each night.


Roz - just dedicated a whole blog post to cats - as I was so inspired by Lissie on the photo! lol.


Roz, she's perfect! complete with hat too.
Now she'll be able to watch over your garden full time.

Maggie Ann

I love your garden 'angel' and your kitty knows how to put a stop to blogging...but so cute!!

Deb T

What a perfect garden angel--and there is some resemblance to our garden gertie. Lizzie is, if not exactly diligent in guarding your keyboard, very cute while sleeping on the job.


What a beautiful addition to your garden!


Lovely find. And what wonderful statuary you have in your garden. Beautiful! And Lizzie is so sweet.
My Angus prefers just to walk across my keyboard. A real pain if I`m trying to type!


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