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Sunday, August 20, 2006



wonderful tour as always Roz...good to see you back. Feel as if I've just been there with you.


What a wonderful place! It saddens me that we Americans don't treasure history like our European brothers & sisters. Your trip looks like it was wonderful, despite the rain.


Hi Roz,

Once again, thanks for taking me along with you on your trip!!!


It's 1:12am here on Long Island, New York. I need to get to bed but I checked your site and saw that you had once again posted and I was carried away to England to enjoy just a bit of it before bed.

Thank you so much for giving this never-been-to-England-Anglophile a bit of candy to enjoy for a while.



Lovely, Roz. Did you get to the doll museum? What beautiful buildings - ah, I remember some of those places (though not the half-timbered one)


I so much loved the walk with you. Thanks alot for taking me with you.

Maggie Ann

Hello Roz, thanks for this enchanting glimpse into your world!! Its so interesting and beautiful...and very different from our little towns.

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