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Wednesday, September 06, 2006



What a find, Roz. I know from the journals of my great-auntie who lived in India in the early 1900s that they tried, as best they could, to live lives that they would have "back home". Even with a war raging, they still had their celebrations. I have the letters my great-grandmother and this auntie wrote back and forth to each other. Aunt Edith's letters are typed in a gentian violet as that was the only typewriter ribbon color she could find. Luckily, it seems to be colorfast. The great-grandmother's letters are done in a beautiful script hand and filled with newsy little bits - what the family is doing, a swatch of fabric she bought to make herself a new dress, etc. Thanks for sharing these and look forward to seeing more.


Many interesting stories can be written, or travelled (!) based on these photos. And now they are in the best hands.

Let's go to India together one day :-)


Another great find for you dear Roz. I know you will explore it more once you're back from Venice. Great to see these pics friend.


Very neat photos!!! I do wonder what their stories are.


Amazing photos!


Lauren Miller

Wow, what a fascinating thing to stumble upon! I am a history student in Oregon currently learning about the British Raj in India, and it is wonderful to see images like this. It makes it come alive.
Thank you!

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