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Friday, September 22, 2006



You are busy blogging today :-) I love that :-) Marta and I will come over and make ice cfream together with you. Marta, the chef-to-be, has been busy baking all afternoon. My parents came to have coffee with us and got to taste both the chocolate folled pastries and the very special chocolate cake. She had almost no help from me while working :-)


The illustrations in the old cookery books are delightful aren't they - especially the coloured ones. Treats from the Edwardian Country House is one of my favourite TV programmes, I wonder if it's available as a DVD. It's a while since I last caught it on Sky and I'd almost forgotten about it. I loved The Victorian Kitchen and The Wartime Kitchen and Garden that Ruth Mott and Harry Dodson did too. Did you ever see them?


I got such a kick out of reading this, Roz. In our house we call these kinds of projects "defective gene" projects. It takes hours and hours of work to make them and then seconds for them to disappear. Decorated cookies fall into that category, too. I suppose the downstairs people would have taken care of that in those times, though.

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