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Monday, November 06, 2006



Us! Cause you share so much beauty and insight with us.


Lovely - you are indeed lucky! and wonderful to share it with us...


Sounds like a great retreat. Those ladies of 1906 are going to be with you for quite awhile I'd bet. Who know's where your journey with them will lead.

I love the stone walls in your first photo.


Yes I would say you are fortunate, such beautiful and inspiring surroundings to work in. The best part is that you know you are fortunate.Hmmm...a book would be wonderful..?


Grindleford is the WI that I go to and our meetings are held in the Pavilion! It's beautiful round there isn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed your workshop.


Perfect Roz. And I can tell that your hotel room was much nicer than mine :-)


Beautiful setting, Roz. And it sounds like you really stretched yourself and got more comfortable with it. I think a book about the ladies is a wonderful idea!
(the other sheila?)


Wonderful post! beautiful pictures

Fran aka Redondowriter

I, too, use the dialogue technique from Ira Progoff's method frequently. Though Kay has it in her book, and it is also a major tool in most journal keeping books, it was Ira that first introduced it back in the late 60s. Your workshop sounds fascinating and the setting was conducive to deep work. Progoff also had a more obscure component to his work he called Life Study, which is still used in universities, but rarely in workshops these days. You would choose a persona, study them in depth, and then you would take the Progoff method of journal keeping and its 21 sections and write in them as though you were that person.


What a heavenly room you stayed in!


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