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Saturday, December 23, 2006



Hi Roz.
What a lovely, funny blog. I have so much enjoyed reading it.

For two years now I have bought one new opera cd every months, unabridged, with libretto. This has opened a new world for me. I do it with a German friend, Gabi.
Der Rosenkavalier might be our January 2007 choice :-)

Merry Christmas to you my friend.


You can count on me as another Erte fan. When I was in the "posters" stage of life I had Erte tacked up all over the place.

Loved the family pictures. You are right, they left me with a smile.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I have always loved Erte's wondrously stylish costumed women, but didn't really know about him until I hit your link. Brenda looks pretty darned gorgeous on the boat in her own stylish black threads. When I was in London at Christmas time in 1989, I was traveling with a boyfriend who had worked for British Aerospace off and on as an employee of TRW. He knew London so well and we went to several pantomimes, which I had not heard of before. These pics of your dad are such a hoot; he obviously kept everyone laughing, didn't he? I hope you had a nice Christmas/boxing day, Roz.


I can't believe I missed this post. I was so sure I had checked! I can't say I am familiar with Erte, but the pictures you show are very attractive...did he design only in black, white and red...or is that just your choice of pictures? It is the red/white/black combos that appeal to me very much. I smiled at your writing about Panto, it's one thing I truly miss here at this time of year. I posted about that very thing on my blog ..earlier in December.
I hope your Christmas was Happy..? and I wish you and your family the very best for a Happy New Year in 2007..!


I love Erte! and your father wears it well!!! What a wonderful post, and Happy Birthday to you!!!

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