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Tuesday, January 02, 2007



I rest my case...see what you find. I collect vintage linens, although I don't have a huge collection.
This piece looks pristine..very nice!


Gorgeous. Imagine the time and work that went into making that. Won't choosing just the right bedroom in just the right doll house be fun?


A beautiful piece of art! So refine and delicate!
Darla talks about time and work in it... can't imagine... I venture to imagine all the love into it !!!
How many more pieces hidden in your drawer or in your room corner?


Wow, that is really beautiful.


Wow. And this is something you "found in your drawer". Can I come and play hide and seek in your drawers please :-)


I wonder who made it, what was it made for - a wedding perhaps?, where are they now?
Beautiful work


Roz - thank you so much for that lovely card of winchester - it arrived yeaterday! Happy happy new year and keep onblogging all your wonderful adventures and the curious things you find on your antiquing adventures!


Lovely piece of artwork Roz.


What a beautiful piece you`ve rediscovered!


Fran aka Redondowriter

This is absolutely gorgeous handwork--truly art, Roz. Thanks for sharing it. I was going through my old hope chest today in search of a knee brace for a friend and I noted how much handwork and how many quilts from my mom, grandmas, etc. I have. I know my kids aren't going to want this. Would you want some lace, doilies, etc?

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