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Tuesday, January 02, 2007



You know Roz, if I was organizing this it would take forever. My mother never let me dust book shelves, as I would always be found sitting on the floor reading, and the dust would still be there. This looks like Aladdin's cave...I'd love to sort this out..haha!


Your office reminds me of one of my former bosses office. When I suggested organization might save him a little time, he said he knew exactly where everything was. He even knew under which piece of leftover pizza the presentation document he was showing that day was!


I love it! Just the perfect place for a creative woman :-)


I love it! Just the perfect place for a creative woman :-)


You must first break the egg to make the omelet.

I know how you feel. I have several spots like that too. I hope to write in my journal next week. Too many thoughts racing through my head that need to be written down.


Roz, there are a whole bunch of us out there, my studio was just like yours (maybe even a little worse), if any of you know of the Myers Briggs personality profiles, you can pretty much be sure this is the den of an NP (my personality is ENTP) the N is the creative type and the P is the type described by Sheila, meaning well to dust the shelves but sidetracked by an interesting book, project, idea, whatever, taking a circuitous route to dusting the shelves (or not!). My dear daughter is nearly my opposit (ISTJ) and she was here three days after the holidays helping me to tidy up. Thank God for the "J"s in the world.

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