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Monday, February 05, 2007



You aren't late, you are right on time. Right on time to appreciate the opportunity, right on time to get the most out of the classes, right on time to enhance this more formal education with the learning you already have from living those 38 years.

I'll be waiting for the graduation ceremony!



What a wonderful place for a grad. ceremony.
See you in three years, and hope to share some of the journey, between now and then.


You are so brave and I'm so proud of you!!!



What a lovely place (must visit next summer!). Congratulations on becoming a student. You realize you will have to get drunk frequently and sleep until lunchtime - not too difficult for an ULYgan! :-)


Attagirl, Roz. Have fun, and don't sweat the small stuff. You will be brilliant.

You ignore that man above, he's trying to lead you astray (Hi, Steve!) :-)


stacie Florer

Yea!!!!!! Congrats...can't wait to follow your progress...if I could, I would always stay in school...what fun!


Good luck to you dear Roz. This is such a challenge, and you will master it with style.
I look forward to follow you.


Congratulations, Roz!It will be a great, wonderful adventure and I'm sure you'll love it!And me, I'm very happy and proud that you've got the courage to face a new life and a new world! Congratulations!!!!


3 cheers for you, Roz - hurrah! Bright blessings on your new endeavors. The schools looks charmingly wonderfully English and just what university should be!


Roz, what a beautiful school! Congrats and good luck (again) on your endeavor!

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