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Thursday, February 08, 2007



Oh your snow photos _are_ fairytale-like.

And you continue to amaze me with your self-set task.

It seems only natural to be a bit befuddled, when just beginning, though. Everything is new... Even to how you arrange all your continuing life duties... like washing and vacuuming and the like. But you'll work it all out.

Maybe cut yourself lots of slack in the beginning... Till you figure out how to 'do it all.' After all, where is it written that we _have_ to do it all! All the time. :-)



The graphics you posted are wonderful Roz. Are those some from your own collection? I know you'll get the schedule worked out and just think of all the adventures ahead with this course.

The snow with the Autumn Cottage sign looks so beautiful.


I love your snow photos Roz.
And your course sounds wonderful, I'm **glowing** green with envy over here..!!
Are the illustrations you show by Rackham...they remind me of his work, but I'm a fan not an expert and I am not familiar with these..?

stacie Florer

The snow looks wonderful, and the course sounds intriguing...and I also love the illustrations...how nice!


This is my first visit to Autumn Cottage... Lovely snow pics you've got (mine has finally melted away.) Interesting subject you've taken on; my son would no doubt love it as he's decided to become an English major. He's currently taking an Old English class and working on 'translating' the bible (from English to English, lol!)


I've been missing you, checking in from time to time just to see what's going on in your part of the world, so this week's posts are a delightful surprise.

I wish we had snow. It happens so infrequently in Phoenix. :(

How brave of you to take this Master's program on, Roz! Best wishes and good luck on your course. I know you'll work out how it fits into life as you go along. You're going to relish this!


Yes, academic reading is all consuming.
When there are 800 page reading assignments dropping in on your life every week, vacuuming and personal hygiene becomes irrelevant. Thinking is a constant activity,waking and sleeping, as you process the information. And yes, you can get a brain cramp!
Don't fret a feather. DO share as much of your academic wonder as your finger tips, brain, eyes and time will allow. Every scrap is gratefully received.


Love your Autumn Cottage sign on the fence Roz and the snow pictures are beautiful. Stay cozy.


Love your Autumn Cottage sign on the fence Roz and the snow pictures are beautiful. Stay cozy.


What beautiful pictures from around your home Roz! You might like this blog.....The Endicott Studio for Mythic Arts


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