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Saturday, April 21, 2007



If the cat gets a bath, I want to see the panomine of it! Or at least one digital photo of the end results.


Oh, Roz, I so much hope to be able to actually watch your presentation one day. Or read about it. You should write a book you know......


I have often felt that Panto, despite being superfiacially amusing was quite dark.Perhaps because a lot of them are based on fairy tales?
This is something I would find very interesting. Britt-Arnhild has a point, perhaps one day a book could be 'in the wings'...?


Fascinating photos and topic! It will be exciting and educational to follow this with you--vicariously.


It takes a brave woman to bath a cat...

Good luck with the presentation. I know that you will do brilliantly, Roz.


Enjoyed the illustrations that accompany this post. What a lot of hard work you have done. I'm sure your efforts will be recognized.

Like others here, I look forward to seeing/reading the final product at some point.



I have a link to you as one of five favorites in my blog today ;-)


How is the garden coming along? Any new pictures? Maybe a front house view?


Hi Roz,
You seem like such an interesting person! Your topic is well chosen, and your approach appeals on many levels. There is much to be said for returning to school at mid-life.

I studied "Commedia dell'Arte" for a graduate-level presentation on Moliere. The notion of some sort of visual, gesticular (?) shorthand fascinated me. I now understand that I put some of that knowledge to work in my naive images that tell stories.

When I come back to blogging I will visit you again.

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What can I say about your writing but “wow” – you really know your subject and put your points across well. I can’t wait for your next post. I’ve found a guy who is good to read too will pass the details on when I find them.

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