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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Daisy Lupin

What a beautiful magical garden with all the statues in, and the delightful deserted cloister garden. I never ceased to be amazed at how much plant loving people can cram into a window box and make it a thing of overflowing beauty. I remember staying in a hotel in London, a few years ago and the large old houses opposite, now flats, one of which had the most amazing balcony display, plants hanging over, climbing up, attached in containers round the window. I watched one evening as I was waiting to go out, the occupant doing his watering, it was amazing the acrobats he had to do to achieve this, including lowering himself and hose onto the outside porch of the front door!


Oh beautiful! Beautiful!

Again thank you for sharing.



Window boxes always attract my attention. I really want one but for some reason there just doesn't seem to be an appropriate window in our house. The are either too low and big (sun room) face the wrong way and too shady (kitchen) and the one that would work in the front of the house has a walkway right up next to the wall below the window so you'd bump your head on a window box.

Guess I'll just have to be satisfied looking at these pictures *smile*.



Thank you Roz, these are beautiful shots, I particularly love the light pink roses amongst all those stone figures, It almost looks like they are smiling, delighted to be amongst such pretty blooms. The light pink seems to be a perfect color against the stone and pale pink stucco. Just lovely. One really beautiful thing about Venice (and there are many) to me is the quiet--no industrial motors, noises, perhaps a low drone of a boat motor but that is it and that sound is muffled by all the water, this seems to add to the magic and mystery of the place that transports its visitors back to some other place in time.


I've never been to Torcelle. Must put it on my list for my next visit.

Your photos are remarkable beautiful Roz, and you have a wonderful eye for how to photograph.


What beautiful photos! I have never been to Venice, thank you for the opportunity to tour the gardens.



Great colour and light Roz.
I love all of these photos they make me want to visit and explore for myself. I can see why you have a love affair with Venice.
Thanks for sharing these pictures of your visit.


Beautiful pictures... beautiful gardens (whatever their size)...
beautiful sculptures... beautiful flowers...
thank you

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