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Sunday, May 06, 2007



I look forward to see more.

I am still showing my Venice photos in my blog from time to time. Had a Burano colour walk the other day.


My most favorite city in the world! Can't wait to see many more of your pictures, wish you had a photo album site where I could look at all 700 of them!


Glad you are enjoying your new camera and as a side benefit we get to see all the pictures.

You're off to a good start here, I'll be watching for more.


Daisy Lupin

Hi, I haven't commented before. What wonderful photographs of Venice. I have just whiled away some time reading your very interesting blog. I found you from Loretta's blog and Circle of the Year. I was especially interested to read about your seminar in Pantomine, when I did my combined degree in history and english lit I was lucky enough to be able to do a seminar in the telling of fairy tales, which was so enjoyable to research. I did at one point want to do my dissertation on the theme of Music Hall, but was not allowed as the criteria specified a subject from our locality. Have thoroughly enjoyed this blog.


Hi Roz, I love your photos as always. How nice to have a good camera, that will be my next purchase. The colour is beautiful, and the light is super. I love the photo second from the bottom, the doors and windows. BTW..I had meant to let you know earlier, but I have posted some photos of Portugal recently..some of Lisbon.


What beautiful pictures! I agree, I would love to see all 700 of them!

Your previous train ride sounds interesting, too. I've got a son who just loves trains.


Just looking at your photos it is no surprise that so many artists' paintings feature scenes from Venice. Your visits make me want to go again--for a longer time. My first visit in 1986 was only for 6 hours--definitely not enough time. I look forward to more photos and tales.


What fantastic photos - Venice looks beautiful. I haven't commented on your blog before, although I have been reading it with much interest for a while.

We went to Florence a few years ago and have been meaning to return, but Venice looks so inviting too.


Ohhhh thank you!!!!


Sonia Mascaro

Just beautiful!

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