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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Julie Fredericksen


I have been lurking about your blog and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. After Daisy's death you are one of my few links left to lovely England (my adopted home in my heart).



The paint job is fabulous, however. I'm sorry about the rain. I don't usually like lots of rain much, but we've got such a drought here on the Plateau of Tennessee! Several days of intermittent showers have greened the lawns and plumped the tomatoes nicely. I know you -- sooner or later you'll dawn a mac of some sort and get out among those weeks -- you're hardier than I am!


And we would "love" some of that delicious rain right now and the heat here is keeping me from the weeds which are winning the battle here as well. Just a note to tell you that the color of your cottage is my favorite color of yellow. Perfect. Also love the planned additions to your garden studio, and I am picturing a lovely window box under that side window.


How charming. This will be great.
remind me I must soon put England and Autumn Cottage on top of my list of places to visit.


I stumbled across your blog today - very, very nice. Enjoyable. You reside in a beautiful place.


oh roz - how exciting!!!! Imaginations running wild.....update us soon with progress please!


We are also fighting a losing battle with the rain and weeds here in Norfolk,even the vegetables don't seem to like so much water.The runner beans which are supposed to love moisture are looking sad,the potatoes have got blight and the courgettes and squashes are not growing at all.

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