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Friday, June 01, 2007



Gosh, it looks so different down there. We have had a haar for days and I am now becoming thoroughly fed up and longing for some camera weather. (See my One Window test shots, to see how really gloomy it has been) Today is at least dry, and no longer foggy, but very hazy still.

I am suffering withdrawal for growing things - so nice to see some plants via your blog!


Oops. The link got stripped out (?)

Daisy Lupin

Me, too, I have been sitting in the garden this afternoon. It was too glorious to do household chores, so out into the sun with my book and sun hat. My friendly wood pigeon sat on the wall near me keeping me company.


Yes, me too. After days of rain coming down like stair rods we have had a sunny warm day today and I managed to get out in the garden. Your garden looks absolutely blooming and your description is so inviting - it does indeed look heavenly.


How charming your garden is. I really hope to come there one day and sit down with you for chatting, writing, reading.....

We are having a wonderful week-end here in Trondheim as well, and we live out in the garden.


Raining it may have been, but how lush and healthy your garden looks. We have warm summers, but it is a battle sometimes to keep the plants going.
I'll join you in the summerhouse for tea...just let me get my hat...


Isn't it beautiful at the bottom of your garden. Thanks for the peaceful moments.


Of course! We all wish we could join you, down by the pond.

Thank you for the lovely garden pictures.



oh the summer time in england looks delicious and who could blame you for wanting to spend more time out in the garden!
I am so sad I am missing the lovely summer over there!


Roz, your garden looks amazingly full. Isn't it amazing how things take on such a lush look after the rain? Certainly a wonderful place to unwind with a cup of tea.


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