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Monday, July 09, 2007



Your new corner looks just lovely Roz. I like your Buddha, at first glance I thought of Kwan Yin, a Goddess who is a favorite of mine.

Everything looks quite peaceful. I don't know about the grass snake tho. Perhaps you could create a habitat for him/her a little further from the building. Snake neighbors just aren't my thing.


Julie Fredericksen

I had no idea you conducted writing and other creative classes. I would so take one or two if I lived anywhere near you.

I had to quickly rush past the picture of the snake. Ewwww...

The transformation of the Buddha corner is wonderful. Yes, I did sit with you in your lovely garden for a moment or two just now.



What great pictures. You are a wonderful gardener plus photographer! Keep up the good work. I look forward to it!


Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, Roz. You and I are just the same about having little spiritual nooks and crannies for the hoped for writers/visitors. I love this Buddha. So that's Alec! Nice looking man and Lizzie is looking good, too. Isn't it amazing how much time these kinds of garden projects take?


What a nice little corner of tranquility


Very beautiful! The summer house is as darling as ever --- and I like the secret corners you've made. Lovely!


Your world is so beautiful. It is an inspiration!


You've created a lovely cornoer of peace there dear Roz. I'm ready for tea in the summerhouse with you. Both Lizzie and A look content too.


I am just so thrilled someone is kind to a snake!Lots of blessings on you Roz, it really is a little spiritual corner!


could really dream in a garden like that and certainly jurnalling would be easy under those trees. Just such a lovely spot Roz.

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