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Friday, July 27, 2007



Roz, I can't wait to read TEN MORE ENTRIES from you! I'm so happy to see you posting! I love Freecycle, and this morning in my Morning Pages, have decided to "shed some weight" (material goods, unfortunately, not body poundage). I will make liberal use of my own local Freecycle.


Glad to hear Freecycle has reached your part of the world. I haven't used it much, but need to get busy emptying out the half of the garage that my car should be parked within.


Roz - I enjoyed your post so much that I checked out the FreeCycle here. Ours is done through a Yahoo group - not an actually building. I have joined up and will try posting our old treadmill. Thanks for posting about the FreeCycle Movement.


That poem seemed to be written for Carolyn and her family didn't it? Great that you found it and thought of her.

Freecycle here is through an online group as well and you have to make arrangements to pick up and drop off.



Beautiful Roz. And what a lovley tribute to our dear, dear Carolyn.


(I thought I'd commented on this but it's disappeared... so I'll try again)

Freecycle is a great idea but in Leeds at least it's broken. I've been having a major clear out, and over one specific month of freecycling got rid of 8 things and had 4 no-shows. 3 of these no-shows were in the same night, and the moderators were simply not interested in trying to deal with the problem (by sending a message on etiquette to the board, for example). So I had to leave. If I need to get rid of stuff now, it's the charity shop or ebay. At least when people are paying they turn up.

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