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Saturday, August 04, 2007



So cute. I'd be tempted to call them Silver and Gold.


Oh, gorgeous! But we need clues - genders,please? identify what belongs to who...

Much envy. Sort of. We are trying to fight off one puppy and two homeless kitties at present. Really, I think we have enough already :-)

But babies are always lovely. *sigh*

That grey one looks like a heap of trouble. I'll bet that's the boy.


Aw ... they are so adorable. I love kitties and have two. I've mentioned getting another but hub ignores me when I mention it. As for names, only mom and dad can decide that.


I have two kitties, both indoor cats and would have a couple more if DH would permit! The last one I brought home a year ago was rescued after having a litter, been out in the wild and was so pitiful, with ring worm and upper respitory cough she was a mess but I couldn't resist her. She is Tortoise Shell whom I tentatively named Bunny (tortoise and the hare?), but as soon as my DH saw her, he renamed her "piglet" because she couldn't stop eating (later we found she had tape worm), but the name fit her and we lovingly call her Piglet or "the pig," but only in loving voice and term, sort of like the old American TV show where they called their son "the beaver." It seems if you watch those two kitties, the right name will emerge from their behavior or personality. They are so adorable. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Well those new cats are beautiful I am afraid that our two v senior cats would hate any newcomers as they are so used to ruling the house .What is the saying Dogs have owners cats have staff ! On todays "Any Questions" a woman who was against the smoking ban just introduced in UK calls her cats Benson and Hedges !(a brand of English Cigarettes(


Ack! So adorable! Smoke and Fire comes to mind, but I am terrible at naming pets!


Oh dear ROz they are precious! I have no names to offer, but I think a few days of being with them their names will come to you. May they grow in good health and with Lizzie to teach them all she knows about Autumn Cottage and how to have fun.


What a sweet little kitty babies! They are so cute! I have a cat too - her name is Nina and she have one eye blue and one green. I've heard that it's good if names for cats have consonants like "s", "sz", "ć", "ś" (I know that some of them aren't in your languge) - but you know, cats react for sounds like shhhhhh etc. So, maybe Sissy? Or Missy? :)
Send you warm wishes from Poland - for you and for your new family members :)


How adorable! How about Daisy & Blue?


Flash and Flood?

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