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Friday, October 12, 2007


Elizabeth Libbey

Precious Roz. Kittens do grow up so quickly. Looks like Lissie is completely adjusted now.

Elizabeth Libbey
Julie Fredericksen

They are just the cutest things. Their eyes are so beautiful.



They are both adorable and I can see that you are having a good time together. I particularly like the one of Pippin sleeping on his back. Our cat does that, usually in front of the fireplace.



There are lessons to be learned from our cats, aren't there? Loll around, take life easy, accept adoration lovingly, etc. They surely have grown in a short time. Loved seeing them in their daily doings around the house. Delightful!


Beautiful kitties --- and so much personality!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Oh, Roz. These guys are absolutely adorable. I especially like the one of the kitty on her back taking up the whole blanket. An animal has to feel completely safe to go into this vulnerable position.

Thinking of you.

K. Winch

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos of these adorable cuties. They have grown. I love the spots on the tummies.. and Lady Lissie looks very beautiful as well.


They are so precious! Beautiful kitties.


See whata Braille reader can make of the dots on the kitty's tummy.

Could they be some deep cattish secret code?

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