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Sunday, January 06, 2008



Roz, how lovely it is to read your words here once again. I love the soup pictures. Love to you from BC.


Hi Roz,
Yes, I've got a larder - though I call it a pantry. It was originally our hall closet (larger than usual closet size) and when Phil retired, the first thing I had him do was put shelving in there. What a wonderful thing - close to the kitchen, a place for the over-sized pots and bowls and a spot for the basics for my cooking. Love the herb garden - it turned out so lovely.


Dear Raz. It is just GREAT to have you back in blogland. As you know I ecco so much of what you write about living the slower life. I look forward to more posts here :-)


One day I really must come see you for a visit. Oh the times we would have!


My dear sweet Roz, it is so very good to have you back. I hope everything falls into the right places for you.

Larder - what I have isn't even considered a pantry - even though I call it that. I have a set of shelves that DH built in the garage for me. It is right outside the kitchen door. I have a piece of material hanging over it, which needs to be replaced.

My grandmother had a walkin pantry and the sink was in there. I like that.

Fran aka Redondowriter

It's so good to see you back in blogland again, Roz. The photos of the soup progressing and what I call a pantry, too, are inspiring. I'll post pictures of my own sometime; it shares space with the washer and dryer.

Oh dear, the cats got into the chocolate? I know animals aren't supposed to have chocolate. The kitties are absolutely adorable, however, and it's probably your pocketbook that hurts most.

Happy new year to you and yours in what will shape up to be a year of change. I went to an annual evening of the Gathering of Goddesses a friend does where we eventually have to choose a Goddess persona for ourselves. Last year I was synchronicity and this year I'm gratitude. You could be the Goddess of Change!



Thanks for sharing your slow food recipe- soups are truly nurturing and we often turn to them for all kinds of nourishment. Esp. as you say, using your own vegetables and herbs. I have been an avid slow food cook for the longest time too and didn't realise that there was a movement now called 'slow food'.
I only have a makeshift pantry at present, but in the past three houses I have had terrific pantry space and never took it for granted. I am a Tupperware person for storage and as we have lots of creepy crawlies, this urges me more to put things in airtight containers. Weevils seem to be a favourite here for some reason.
I was not at all surprised to read that you are a psychotherapist and counsellor as that is what I pictured you as! LOL
Happy New Year!


I delight in your blog--the beauty of your images and words. The natural beauty feeds my spirit. Living in semi-arid, western USA, I take great pleasure in your luscious greenery.

We built a pantry when we built our house 32 years ago. What would I do without it?!

So happy you are blogging, though I understand the life changes when a spouse leaves a long-held position and must look at himself in a new way.




I really enjoy your blog and am pleased to have you back. Being a big reader of food blogs, I'd love to hear more about the food you make.


Happy to see you posting again Roz.

I have a small pantry and the best thing about it is the door, the clutter is out of sight out of mind.

I'm currently reading B.Kingsolver's book, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" and Slow Cooking gets quite a few mentions.

Your soup look good.


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