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Sunday, January 06, 2008



Hooray, you have been missed by many, so glad you're back.
Larder-wonderful childhood memories of my auntie's larder, complete with a cool slab of marble. Sweet surprises would be placed upon it, a piece of cheese cloth to cover. It seemed just the right size room to a little girl, filled with tins and jars from far and wide.


So good to see you back, Roz. I will never tire of Autumn Cottage in whatever form you continue. It is a bit of fairyland for me and a deep wish I've always had to live in rural England.

As for the pantry/larder, I have always wanted one. My grandmother had a true pantry, with floor to ceiling (11 feet) glass-fronted cupboards, a marble counter, service sink with a goose neck and swinging door into the living room. How I miss that house and how I wish I had convinced my husband to buy it despite the deteriorating neighborhood!

Thanks for the memories,



Although we don't really "know" one another, I was thrilled to see you started posting again! I really love lurking about and reading your blog.
How I LOVE the differences between English and American kitchens! Your stove is precious! The foxes in the picture are adorable.
Regrettably, we have neither a pantry or larder. Our kitchen is rather small and is seriously lacking any storage space. But, we do have a stand-along shelving unit in the kitchen that I use in the place of a bonafide pantry. It is completely open and I can see at a moment what we have and what we have need of.
Just a couple of years back our dogs had little surgeries, too. The male was awake, alert, and happy when we went to pick him up at the vet. The female, on the other hand, had a harder time and took several days to get back to normal. Just like your cats.
Look forward to reading more of your blog in 2008!


I can smell the soup!
Good inspiration to keep on with my little attempts at growing my own veg.
I already grow herbs and potatoes/garlic.
Incidentally, I do have a larder, well two really! My house was built in 1756 so the kitchen larder is in the 1950s extension (but well used) the other is what is now my drawing room, which originally had a range too (oh I wish it was still there) It's now full of my books!


Oh, Roz, it is so good to see a new post from you! I had been reading old posts to just keep the feeling of Autumn Cottage.

Thank you for making me think about the lovely pantry I had in my house in Colorado. It wasn't insulated much so that it was always cold in there. We have a designated pantry in this house but it is really the coat closet which for some reason was put in the dining room! It has lots of shelves but isn't the same as a tiny room you can step into with all the big pots on shelves, the big rubbish bin, my handy tool box on the floor right by the door, and a big bag of dog food for Mr Jaspy. It was a lovely place where I could keep all those shopping bags and have one ready to grab when needed.

Wouldn't it be bliss to have a big beautiful larder as you describe it as well as a Butler's Pantry? My sister-in-law has one and I covet it. I dream of a space with room for all the china and crystal I'd love to have!

What a lovely post! Thank you! Marilyn

Julie Fredericksen

Hello, Roz,

I had lost track of your blog after you stopped posting in October so I am glad you commented on my blog. You are on my blogroll now. I am thrilled you have decided to continue to give us glimpses of your creatures, your garden and the English countryside.

So sorry your kitty had to have surgery but am glad she's better now.


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