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Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Roz, you know I love paper and glue. I like the idea of using a ring binder for a memory book. You can always punch holes in a manila envlope and add it as a holder for small items you might not want to glue in.
You could use yarn to tie things to the rings, like maybe a locket or even beads from an old necklace. You can leave a few blank pages for other family members to add their favorite memory if appropriate.

You'll do such a good job helping people through a difficult time.



Me again! When sorting pictures it is a good time to set aside any duplicates or copy any that other family members might appreciate. Don't forget to add dates or important info.

Somehow, years after my father passed away my Mom missplaced her copy of the professional photo they had taken on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I was able to have mine copied - I gave her my original and kept the copy. She was thrilled to have it.



Roz, I have several of these that I NEED TO BE working on. I hope that I can do that this year. I have some picture boxes to hold everything until the scrap book gets made. Don't forget acid free paper is important.


Lovely ideas here. I'm a scrapbooker and use a lot of found items - never throw away anything until I've asked myself is it recyclable for a scrapbook/altered art project. Amazed that papers cost so much at home - next time I come over I may just bring a stack to give to friends!

We now have huge scrapbooking supply stores such as Archivers - they send out nice monthly coupons and actually give away paper as a means of getting you in the store of course!

Yes, archival quality paper is great, however, not having it shouldn't prevent people from doing something to keep memories going - look how most old photos and books survive anyway. I go to used book shops and buy sheet music, childrens' books, large coffee table size books of gardens, homes etc., all of which can be decoupaged or used as backgrounds. Even wrapping paper and wallpaper samples can be used to cover the plain photo boxes available, or use nice shoe boxes some of now have hinged lids.

I've not actually made a memory box for a person but will consider doing one in memory of my Mum. I did however make one for my sweet cat some years ago when she died aged 21 - we loved her and the grandchildren wanted to remember her in some way.

I'm sure your work brings loving help to those going through the period of grief after the loss of a loved one. Good luck Roz.


They have sprays now that will make plain things less damaging to old photos and documents. It's so easy to scan photos and print them out as many times as you'd like that you can easily use photos to decorate a box you've harvested and sprayed to neutralize the acid. If I ever did a memory box for my mom, I'd use a shoebox from her closet. She always wrote a brief description of the shoes on the end of the box, "black suede pumps" to make them easy to find. Something with their handwriting can make it much more personal than a bought box ever could be!


Roz, I am a memory box person from way back. A friend introduced me to this idea and I have been 'boxing' things since then. I have a specail baby box for each DD and each one is lined with special paper from their baby gifts, and each contains small things from their childhood, shoes, first dress, etc. I am now boxing and journaling about my family too as they start to pass on. Its a specail way to remember things, pass on the memories to the next generation and it helps with the bearevement process as its a another way of being connected to those that have gone.


I'm a big fan of the archival sleeves over the pictures. I think if a child wished to view the book, no one should need to worry much about finger prints on the pictures. I try to write about the pictures too...pictures without words are in many ways not worth a thousand words; especially when no one knows who is in the picture or where it was taken.

I find it easy to scan a completed sheet to share with other family member too.

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