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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Melissa's Cozy Teacup

Oh what a conundrum! Last night we here in America were treated to Persuasion from our PBS station but it came on in the middle of Comanche Moon, the prequel to Lonesome Dove, an American cowboy tale. I have Persuasion in the que to rent from the library, but I couldn't resist flipping back and forth between the two. Thank you for the mention of the 'Lark Rise'. I don't know of all the movies out there in this theme, though I'd love to see them all so this helps to find more. Have a great day!


I watched Persuasion on our Houston PBS station last night...followed by our Sunday night favorite..one hour of EastEnders. In case you watched the older shows, last night was the funeral service for Sharon's mother...Feb. 2002. We are six years behind. But, we will take what we can get.
Occasionally, I sneak a peek at the EastEnders website to see what is going on today. Of course, I am unfamiliar with so many of the characters.

Saturday night we watched an episode of
The Vicar of Dibly, Are You Begin Served? and Summer Wine. There are others, and we never tire of watching them over and over.

I am one of your lurkers. I have left messages in the past, but I kept doing something wrong. Maybe this one will make it across the pond.

Glad you are back in form and sharing your posts with us. One of these days, I will dip my toe into the blog waters.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I'll be watching for these when they come out in the states, Roz. My book club reads Pride and Prejudice next month.


I am much more of a reader than a "seer", but this looks great :-)
Happy watching.


Persuasion was great, and then this past Sunday we here in the US saw Northanger Abbey which was fabulous too! Nobody makes costume dramas like the British - amazing actors and beautiful set and scenery. The entire Jane Austen is being shown over the next three months here - dh has to watch his program on the small TV, I get the larger flat screen, ha! ha!

Julie Fredericksen

I will certainly have to watch for when the program/DVD of "Lark Rise" comes to the U.S. I loved the book.


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